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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Have You Seen This? - 2

Another layout full of atmosphere and a source of inspiration when interest in your own modelling has waned.

The video below may seem a bit boring to begin with as the shunting operation is prototypically slow but bear with it and the scene opens up to an astonishing modelled landscape, due to the sensitive placement of realistic scenic elements, wonderful colour hues and a seamless integration of foreground to back scene that gives tremendous depth to a layout only 12 inches deep.

There is actually a lot more to this than meets the eye. To start with it is a small part of a model railway that occupies a space 58 feet by 24 feet.

The style of layout falls into the category termed by the Americans as Proto-Freelance, which means that a feasibility study of a real location has been undertaken to see where a railway might have been justified and then the imagined line modelled within typical landscape and operating practice.

This layout is also heavily promoted through the free, online magazine at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine, DVDs and books.

If you search for Allagash from the magazine home page (search link is top right on the page) you can read more about it. Warning: It is a bit cumbersome to navigate the magazines to find the specific articles until you get used to it.

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