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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Exciting Times Ahead

Finally bitten the bullet and bought a 3D printer, which arrived today. It's the RepRapPro Ormerod, available as a kit from Radio Spares. We have plans to make models for our railways and may even go commercial if it is successful.

Welcome to the latest 21st century technology revolution!

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  1. I will be watching your 3D printing progress with much interest. Please do keep us all informed of your progress. I will be heading down that way myself. One discovery that I made was that unless I spent a years pension on a 3D printer it would not do what I want so I will be interested to see how your "kit" one performs...

    1. We plan to start the build this week. The kit came with an introductory letter that seems to have been personally signed! No instructions with kit. They are available from the RepRapPro website presented on umpteen web pages. So, we have to keep the website open (or print pages) whilst assembling the kit.


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