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Friday, 14 October 2011

N Gauge Resurrection - Cliddesden

Dapol LSWR M7 LocomotiveHere is a recently acquired Dapol LSWR M7 locomotive - a real joy to behold for its fine details. For those not familiar with the size of 'n' gauge it is shown below a UK 10 pence coin.

It is destined for a yet to be built model of Cliddesden station. An 02 tank was desired, to be authentic for the Basingstoke to Alton Light Railway, but this is the closest r.t.r model available. Same wheel arrangement and similar features but a good deal longer at 36' 2" against 30' 8" for the 02.

The LSWR livery covers the period of the line from its inception in 1901 to first closure in 1916. The line reopened in 1924 to finally close in 1936. For this latter period a Southern livery locomotive is needed.

There was little traffic on the line and only an 02 locomotive was used to haul the single passenger coach and freight, disregarding a brief period when a H12 Railmotor conveyed passengers.

To increase variety for the model railway it would be nice to be able to run two M7s, one of each livery for the two periods.

The development of this model railway is covered by a separate blog here.

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