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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Southern Concrete PW Hut

southern permanent way hutFuelled with success from my Water Tower cardboard modelling project I tackled something a little simpler - the classic permanent way concrete hut.

Introduced in about 1946 and extant today, albeit mostly abandoned and vandalised.

I paid a visit to my local PW hut and photographed its current state. The photos were scaled down in photo editing software and used as the decoration layer for the paper/card kit components that I designed. This includes graffiti inside and out, windows void of glass and the door missing. The finish is a pretty close replica of the real hut, closer than could be achieved by painting a model.

On the face of it a simple structure to model except at this scale (4mm:1ft) cutting the windows and fabricating the chimney were a challenge. The chimney in particular I'm proud of as I love devising a construction method that simplifies assembly. It is only 5mm square and 8mm tall. The chimney decorative paper layer is one piece that is wrapped around a stack of 6 x 0.75mm thick card. A single slab is placed above the vents for the cap and the top flap of the decorative layer folded onto it. Yes, those are open vents at the top and not painted on.

From time to time the question pops up ' What is the colour of concrete'? I don't think there is a simple answer. It is influenced by the lighting conditions and absorbtion/reflective effects of the weathered material. My perception upon viewing the real hut on a bright cloudy day without direct sunlight was the mid-beige you see in the photo above. But when I photographed it from different elevations and angles relative to the sun position the camera gave me everything from light beige to dark grey! Interestingly my model seems to take on the same shade changes in differing lighting conditions.
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