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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Goods Shed for Hewish Sidings

goods shedI have been following Chris Heath's blog - Wynyard Lane (link in my blog list) and got caught up in his excitement about Scalescenes model buildings. He has certainly done a good job in promoting that product range.

So I popped into Scalescenes and picked up this Little rustic goods shed for Hewish Sidings. Not quite enough room in this area of the model railway for it but I am upgrading the trackwork and might be able to open up a bit more space.

Well, I have made up card kits before from one of the long standing manufacturers but the finished item tended to look like, well flimsy card. Scalescenes though have got it right and their product is robust and an innovation for the computer age.

It is supplied in the form of a downloadable pdf document that we print, paste onto 1mm card (for 4mm scale) and cut out the pieces to glue together. The instructions are crystal clear, even though I made a few silly mistakes due to lack of concentration on my part. No matter; just print out another sheet and remake the parts I screwed up!

What makes the kits winners is the attention to detail given by the designer. The models include signage, interior decor and this one a working slide door! Also, a lot of thought has gone into hiding the bare edges of the card.

I must pop back and buy a kit since this one is given away free to trial.

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  1. Well done on the goods shed, it looks great. That was the first one I built, but beware you can easy get hooked. I've only been modelling for about 10 month and already I'm rattling through his back catologue.


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