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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Retro Magazine Cover

february website coverModelling a historical period requires research and for me it has gone beyond the railway fence. I found myself studying early 60s clothes fashion when I set about making 4mm scale people and I looked into graphic railway poster design when I created my version of an 'Atlantic Coast Express' advertising poster of the period. My model railway website is styled in the form of a paper magazine so for March 2011 I changed the cover to reflect magazines of the late 50s, early 60s. My survey of model railway magazine covers was very disappointing. They seem to have completely ignored modern art trends of the time, being just a title and monochrome photo on a white or coloured background. Other hobiest magazines like woodworking or mechanics used artistic illustrations of the subject and it is this that I have mimicked for my website cover.

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Chris Nevard Model Railways said...

This is a fascinating post. I guess though that much of it is due to that many model railway enthusiasts are rather conservative. The MRJ still carries on with the rather geriatric style. I with you though - bold and exciting!

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