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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bittern at Overton - Step Back in Time

Bittern at OvertonIt was nice to see A4 Bittern close up at Overton today as it stopped to take on water. Last time I saw it was on The Watercress Line last year.

The 10 minute stop afforded time to snap many photos. This makes a change from my usual lineside photography where the train comes and goes within seconds. A couple more formal photos appear on the 'Live Steam' page of my model railway website. (link top right). But, I liked this shot with a mother and children in front of the engine. (I've no idea what attracted their attention).

On leaving the station I came across this delightful Austin 7 in the car park. What with Bittern as well it was like stepping back in time! That's my pillar box Tardis in the background!
austin 7

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