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Sunday, 12 September 2010

One for Narrow Gauge Fans (OO9)

emmet narrow gauge engineHere is Emmet on the Hayling Island miniature railway, a 2ft gauge, 1 mile tourist line with 3 stations on the beach front of Hayling Island.

Plenty of scope and interest here for a micro layout, or something larger. The main terminus boasts 5 tracks. The station complex includes a covered platform and track with run round loop and 3 road engine shed cum workshop.

The complex is butted up against a permanent fairground attraction, which could be modelled in part or shown in a backscene. The close proximity to the beach is another feature that could be incorporated. Run the trains to and from a fiddle yard.

Another idea is to make it end to end. The other terminus has a single platform with run round loop. The short distance between the two on a small layout could be broken by modelling the coast guard station and army cadet building. Both are significant tall buildings straddling the middle of the line. The train is hidden by these as it passess between. There are several access roads cross the line. If one of these with all its signage was included it would provide added interest - and then there are the ubiquitous, multi-coloured beach huts that are a must have.

I'm tempted!

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Anonymous said...

It would make a change from the Ravenglass or the Fairbourne - although, come to think of it, I haven't seen a model of the latter . . .?

David - is there any chance my http://derwentmidland.blogspot.com blog could be added to your blog list, please?

You are already listed on my railway blog! Thanks.

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