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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Model Atlantic Coast Express Train

The loco is by Hornby, Carriages by Bachmann, except the Restaurant and Buffet set are Comet Models kits built by myself. There has been a misadventure with the carriage colours. Bachmann produced batches advertised as 'BR (SR) Green' and yet they are different shades! (not to be confused with malachite, an earlier light green livery). My painting of the Restaurant set used Phoenix Precision Paints BR (S) Coach Green, which matches the darker Bachmann shade seen on the Torrington carriage below. Did BR use two different shades of Green after they abandoned malachite?

By the way, The Plymouth carriage I converted from BSK to BCK simply by adding the first class '1' to a carriage door. (BSK is all second class corridor whereas BCK is 1st & 2nd corridor.) I expect the BCK had more to it than that but the external style looks close enough for me. Actually, I think the Bachmann Brakes are the BSO Arrangement (second open), but that's all that is available 'off the shelf'. Are you confused yet?

Read about the model train here.

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