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Saturday, 3 July 2010

A Green and Pleasant Land

The morning excursion to photograph N15 King Arthur class Sir Lamiel fronting the 'Swanage Belle' resulted in a less than ideal photograph for reasons I'll not go into. No matter, as there was a second chance to photograph it on its return to Waterloo in the evening.

About 20 minutes before the evening train was due to pass I reached my isolated vantage point next to the Exeter-Waterloo main line. It was a wonderful warm summers evening in the English countryside. Not a soul in sight. Just the sound of nature interrupted now and then by distant motor cars and aeroplanes. Further up the field a couple of rabbits stood erect watching my every move.

Camera was set up on tripod and test shots made of the railway line where the train would pass. There was even an opportunity to snap one of those modern sausage shaped, graffiti painted diesel thingies - just so I could be sure the real railway engine (steam) would be framed nicely when it arrived.

With time to spare (Sir Lamiel was running late) the sights of the countryside were absorbed. The setting sun casts its rays across the landscape behind me highlighting the trees and distant buildings. I spun the camera around and snapped the scene. A green and pleasant land indeed.

Eventually the distinctive beat of a steam train could be heard and in no time Sir Lamiel was upon me, travelling at considerable speed to make up for lost time. With my heart beginning to race I pressed the button. The LCD viewing screen went black, the lens retracted into the body and the lens cover closed. Why oh why is the power button placed right next to the shutter button! With tail between my legs I headed for home. Thankfully, Sir Lamiel returns in a weeks time. Third time lucky?

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