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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Cheating or Inspiring?

Invariably a model railway photograph includes the real-world muselling into the background where the model does not reach. It might be a door to the room, window, clutter, or just plain walls. But, with modern digital photography and pc software all that can replaced by stitching a photo of the real landscape into the model photo.

Now this gives a completely different look to the model railway that is not there in reality. It can make the model layout look far more photogenic and extensive than it really is. Is this cheating?

I think not because the finescale modeller's goal is to achieve a scene that looks realistic. However, space is the limitation. Editing a model photo to add the distant landscape results in a picture that does fulfill the dream and can be quite uplifting.

Have a look at Ashprington Road to see what I mean.

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