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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

ACE Coach Roof Destination Boards - Update

My railway room is not the most comfortable of places at the best of times and this very cold weather does not inspire me to go there often. (Even though its continuous summer time on the model railway!) Spending an hour or so once a week or so running the trains against the timetable allows me to switch off from the pressure of modern life but modelling activities there in cold winter months is virtually a no-no, which is why blog postings have been sparse recently.

ACE roof boardAnyway, that's not what this posting is about. My continued search for the 'truth' about the style, lettering and use of Bulleid carriage roof destination boards for the ACE has uncovered some photographs. The first shows the words "THE ATLANTIC COAST EXPRESS" on a board positioned in the second 'slot' thus confirming use of the word 'The'. (The first 'slot' contained no board at all). The coach was part of the Ilfracombe section of the UP ACE on its way to Exeter Central. (page 38 in Stephen Austin's book Portrait of the Atlantic Coast Express). The second photo shows a "WATERLOO WEYMOUTH" board - not for the ACE, but no reason to assume an ACE destination board would be styled different. Note that the character spacing is spread so the entire board is filled with text and the only separator between the words is a space.

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