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Monday, 8 June 2009

How to be a Great Ebay Seller

The average Ebay Seller from my experience as a Bidder show very little customer care. Zero communication, late shipping and even shipping to the wrong customer is what winning Bidders can expect at some point. The trouble is many Ebay Sellers are not in business for a living. If they were they would soon realise that customer care is of paramount importance in order to survive. But, the point is they are handling a commercial transaction, whether trading once or frequently and should always give the customer due care and attention.

1. In your listing always describe the product condition, declaring any defects present, and use a decent camera capable of close up shots for smaller items.

2. Soon after the auction closes (I mean within minutes) send your Ebay invoice to the winning Bidder. Include a congratulatory message. Reiterate your payment terms and state where you will be sending the item when payment has cleared.

3. Send a reminder if payment has not been received within the expected timeframe. For PayPal transactions send a reminder a few days before your deadline with an explanation of what measures you will be taking if payment is not received by the due date.

4. If they are paying by cheque notify them when you have received it. If they paid instantly via PayPal confirm that payment has been received and state when you will be sending the item. Ship as soon as practical after payment has cleared.

5. Use sensible packaging to protect the item and include a print of the order details in the package.

6. Where you have multiple items to ship to different customers within the same time frame take care not to mix up the orders. Carry out all paperwork and packing for one customer before moving onto the next.

7. Always leave feedback after you have shipped the product taking care to leave the right feedback for each customer.

With these measures you should have happy customers and your feedback will remain positive.

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