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Saturday, 1 February 2020

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A bit of a disaster in the railway room

Imagine my dismay at the site of devastation that greeted me upon entering the railway room. The picture hook holding a large glass fronted poster had pulled itself out of the plaster board wall causing the poster to drop and fall forward onto Misterton Station. The glass shattered into a multitude of small and large fragments.

It is as though an earthquake had hit the station.
  • The station building slid forward off its footings.
  • The signal box suffered a crushed chimney.
  • A telegraph pole and two platform lampposts broke into pieces.
  • The porters sack trolley broke in two.
  • A number of passengers standing on the platforms dropped dead from shock
  • One passenger was thrown into the cavernous ground near Hewish Sidings.
  • The Station Master jumped 150 scale yards landing in the railway head shunt near east field.
  • A section of platform railings took flight and has not been found to date. 
  • Platform benches and a calf float thrown about.
  • A one plank wagon carrying an invalid car derailed and the car dismounted.
  • A number of cars in the car park were moved. 
  • The Station Master's garden tree was crushed, his shed and concrete fence dislodged from their foundations.
  • A passenger coach and a kitchen/buffet coach waiting in the platform overturned. The later lost both bogie side frames and its wheel sets dropped out.

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